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Project Description

Products Details 

CUBE ICE MACHINE -> X20A Ice Maker / portable ice maker


* Thickened pull-type thermal insulation baffle to prevent cold air loss,ice storage bin keep the same temperature for a long while . More suitable for tea shop , coffee shop,buffet, snack bar , bar , KTV etc.

* Brushed stainless steel body, appearance looks elegant, neat , more durable

*The scientific nickel-copper evaporation plate solves the contradiction between ice making speed and ice quality, which can ensure the output and improve the quality of ice.

*Microcomputer control, full automation of water, drainage, ice making and ice removal, safer and more reliable performance

*With intelligent automatic cleaning, ice cubes are more hygienic and more transparent

*Fluorine-free polyurethane foaming process with high efficiency

*Efficient and energy-saving compressor for efficient cooling, quiet design, fast cooling

*Add intelligent temperature control cooling system, the temperature is lower than 21 degrees Celsius, the fan stops automatically, more energy saving and    environmental protection

*The scientific configuration of the condensing system and the condensing temperature sensing device can adapt to different high and low ambient temperatures, saving energy and electricity.

*Strict process requirements, well-known enterprise parts, low failure rate and long service life

*The power of the durable water pump to transport the water source is constantly providing guarantee for the efficient operation of the ice machine.

* Crescent ice is suitable for clear ice cubes in milk tea cold drinks shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Production and Packing