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Project Description

Products Details 

CUBE ICE MACHINE -> W10B Ice Maker / portable ice maker


*Daily output test condition : ambient temperature 20℃, water temperature 15℃

*Rapid ice making

*Built-in ice cube adjuster for free thickness control

*One-piece foaming technology, thick foaming layer, cyclopentane insulation layer, multi-component foaming material.Can keep the ice block without heat preservation effect up to 5-7 hours

* Efficient and energy-saving compressor for efficient cooling, quiet design, fast cooling

*All copper evaporator is made of pure copper, surface processing technology, uniform heat dissipation, energy saving and high efficiency

*The power of the durable water pump to transport the water source is constantly providing guarantee for the efficient operation of the ice machine.

*Cube ice is suitable for crystal clear ice cubes in milk tea cold drinks shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.


Production and Packing