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Unit design Snow Flake Ice Making Machine U10


*The snow flake ice contain 15% to 25% water is wet ice, which temperature a little below zero degree, easy take and make shape.The small grains of ice with better cooling efficiency as it can into side and wrap up subject.

*Widely use in lab, restaurant, dessert shop, supermarket, buffet, food processing, fresh keeping and transport, marine fishing, meatprocessing,miner cooling, pharmaceutical chemistry, chemical dyes etc…

*Snow flake ice in widely use Can meet many different needs

*Strong heart performance compressor

*One-piece foaming technology, thick foaming layer, cyclopentane insulation layer, multi-component foaming material.Can keep the ice block without heat preservation effect up to 5-7 hours

*Add intelligent temperature control cooling system, the temperature is lower than 21 degrees Celsius, the fan stops automatically, more energy saving and environmental protection

*The water in the water tank is continuously pumped onto the evaporator, and the water temperature is lowered by the evaporator to convert the water into ice.

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