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Project Description

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CUBE ICE MACHINE -> R10 Ice Maker / portable ice maker


*Sensor precision, anti-interference,stable and reliable performance, wide voltage design for better adaptability.

* Automatic cleaning, more hygienic ice making, quantitative put in water,  rapid circulation, efficient refrigeration, rapid ice formation.

*Max use the space, can match ice maker, water sink, shelf, locker together, save the place and save costing. Widely use in milk tea shop, wine bar, KTV, restaurant, dessert shop, coffee shop, snack etc.,. Use the thickness stainless steel material for longer use life. Thick foaming insulation process is adopted to effectively keep ice temperature.

*Set the ice making time, thickness adjustment

*Brand compressor,Cooling is faster, saves time and saves electricity

*The scientific configuration of the condensing system and the condensing temperature sensing device can adapt to different high and low ambient temperatures, saving energy and electricity.

*The water in the water tank is continuously pumped onto the evaporator, and the water temperature is lowered by the evaporator to convert the water into ice.

*Stylish appearance, simple and generous

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